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Sterilization(Infection Control)


The first and the foremost requirement for any dental clinic is a strict sterilization protocol.At our clinic we follow a strict sterilization regimen so as to avoid cross infection from other patients and post operative infection otherwise. So deadly viruses like HIV & HEPATITIS-B are not a concern in our clinic.

Risk of transmission&need of sterilization.




Critical: heat sterilization between uses or use strile single use,disposable devices.

Example: included surgical instrument, scalpel blades, periodontal scalers, surgical dental burs.

Semi-critical: heat sterilization or high-level disinfeat.

Example: Dental mouth mirrors, Dental probe, Amalgam condensers, dental handpieces.

Non-critical: Clean and disinfection using a low to intermediate level disinfectant.

Example: x-ray head, pulse oximeter, facebows, blood pressure cuff.


Chemical Auto clave

Sterilization by chemical vapour under pressure operating at 131 degree and 20 lbs of pressure.

Implants Function

Carbon steel and other carbon sensitive burs,instrument and pliers are sterilized without rust or corrosion.

Implants Sucess Rate

Cleaning agents like



3.Chlorine containing compounds

The use of sterile disposables in form of masks, gloves, suction tips, patients’ drape, surgical drape, surgeon’s apron according to us is compulsory. The whole operatory including the floor, roof and dental chairs are regularly fumigated as it is being done worldwide in operation theatres.