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Short Teeth

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It has excellent esthetics


Severely chipped teeth

Severely discoloured teeth

Spacing between teeth

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When the structure of the entire tooth is compromised, a crown, which covers all the surfaces of the tooth, will need to be placed. The example illustrates a fractured front tooth which is prepared and replaced by crown. After root canal treatment also crown is needed to reinforce remaining tooth structure.

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When a tooth has been lost and there are healthy teeth on both sides of the newly missing tooth or teeth, then a fixed bridge is a treatment option. The other options are implants or a partial denture.

The procedure for having a fixed bridge made is essentially the same as having a crown made except that a fixed bridge involves at least two supporting teeth. What does cause confusion is the amount of teeth needed for a fixed bridge. To replace one missing tooth requires a three tooth bridge. This is because the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth must be part of the bridge to provide support.


At Sheth dental clinic, we are delighted to be amongst very few Indian Dentists to offer metal free crowns in just 5 working days. We use the world’s renowned and trusted Procera from Nobel biocare. Nobel Biocare's unique Procera® technology offers esthetic and functional dental restorations. Based on the latest scanning, CAD/CAM (computer aided designing and computer aided milling) and manufacturing technologies, the Procera® system provides completely individualized prosthetics with unbeatably precise fit for crowns, laminates, abutments and bridges. By combining the Procera® manufacturing technique with Alumina and Zirconia ceramics, an unrivalled combination of biocompatibility, beauty, and strength is guaranteed. Both Alumina and Zirconia refract and transmit light in much the same way as a natural tooth, thereby giving the restoration a natural looking appearance.

Computerized Making So better fit.

Kind to the gums

No grey shadow seen in this all crown.

Light Weight crown compare to other crown.

Natural translucent .It has excellent esthetics.